Chi Gets Lost is the first episode of Chi's Sweet Home. It was originally aired on March 31st 2008.


Chi is walking with her family when she is soon distracted by a bird flying overhead. As she follows the bird, she does not notice her family turning into another path. Suddenly realising she is lost, Chi runs down the path calling for her mother. She stumbles across a dog who growls at her when she asks him where her family is. A huge lorry then drives down the road, narrowly missing her. Terrified by both events, Chi runs away, clearly upset.

Later, Chi sadly walks into the park, still wondering where her family has gone. She asks a frog about where they are, who just hops away into the bushes. Chi lays down on the grass and reflects on drinking her mother's milk. She starts to cry.

Soon a young boy named Yohei runs across the park, trips over in front of Chi and cries. The sight of Chi cheers him up. His mother comes along and tells him to get up. Yohei explains to her that he's seen a cat fallen over. She worriedly asks him what is wrong with Chi, concluding the episode.